Meeting Rooms

Solomon Wright Public Library: Meeting Room Policy

Providing meeting spaces for individual and group uses is an important component of the library’s services. This use supports the mission of Solomon Wright Public Library in providing the community with information resources and serving as a community center.

The primary purpose of the meeting rooms at the Solomon Wright Public Library is to support library programs and functions. When not being used by the Library, the rooms are available for use by individuals and organizations. Meeting spaces are available to any community group. 

The Library does not restrict the use of the meeting rooms based on the subject matter or content of the meeting or the beliefs or affiliations of the meeting’s sponsor. Permission to use the library facilities neither constitutes nor implies an endorsement of the user or the user’s beliefs by the library staff or the Board of Directors. It follows that organizations or individuals who use the meeting rooms may not necessarily imply in their advertising or publicity that the program is sponsored, co-sponsored, or endorsed by the Library.

Meeting Room Spaces 

  1. Community Room
  2. Lucy Wright Case Reading Room

Reserving a Room: Usage Request Form

Reservations for meeting rooms are taken on a first-come first-served basis. It must also be understood that library programs and meetings for non-profit organizations take precedence and the Library reserves the right to cancel or relocate a meeting up to 30 days in advance of the meeting date. All meetings are scheduled at the discretion of the Library Director.

Any group or individual wishing to use one of the meeting rooms should fill out the usage request form, agreeing to abide by library regulations. The form will be reviewed by the library Director and the Chair (or his or her designee) of the Board of Trustees. A group or individual using any meeting room should assure the safety of library property, personnel, and visitors. Groups using a meeting room are required to set up for their meeting, return library furniture and equipment to its original location, and leave the room clean and in good condition. Organizations or individuals using a meeting room will be liable for any damage they cause. Organizations or individuals may not charge admission to meetings held in the Library.

The meeting rooms may be requested for any day of the week, but if the meeting is scheduled to take place during a time when the Library is closed, it is the responsibility of the meeting’s planner to obtain a key from library staff, get instructions on lights, heat, and on securing the building when the event is over. Instructions and the key must be obtained during normal library operating hours.

There is a $75 cost for a lost key. The group using the meeting room is responsible for any losses incurred by the library as a result of leaving the building unsecured. Groups may not leave materials in the building. The Library will not be responsible for any materials or equipment left in the building by users.

The Library is a smoke free, alcohol free, and drug free building. A library staff member may be present at any time during the meeting. 

POLICY ADOPTED: January 16, 2014 by the Solomon Wright Public Library Board.



Below is the Permission Form.

If you would like a .pdf version of the form, click here: Permission Form.   

Solomon Wright Public Library, Pownal, VT


Organization/Name _________________________________________________________________________

Individual in Charge of Event ________________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone ______________________________________ Email ______________________________________

Date of Event ___________________________________ Time _______________________________________

___  Lucy Wright Case Reading Room

___  Community Room

___  General Library Area

Approximate Number of People anticipated ______________________________________

The Board of Directors, employees and volunteers of the Solomon Wright Public Library shall not be liable for actions taken or accidents occurring or resulting from use of the Library facilities by you or your organization.  You will be held responsible for any damage, additional costs for personnel and/or replacement or repair of facilities or equipment, which will be determined solely by the Library Board.


I have read and agree to abide by the Meeting Room Policy, attached:


Signature _____________________________________________________________________________________


Date ___________________________________________________________________________________________


Approved by _________________________________________________________________________________


Date ___________________________________________________________________________________________


I, _____________________________________________________, have received a key to the Solomon

Wright Public Library for the date noted above.


Signature __________________________________________________ Date_____________________________


I have returned the key to Solomon Wright Public Library:


Signature __________________________________________________ Date ____________________________